Budget Feature



  • Complete full forecasted financial statements including profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow financial ratios.
  • Support for multiple companies and performing consolidated statements for budget as well as for forecasts.
  • Support for flexible and hierarchical organizational structures.
  • Optional planning, control and management by dimensions, profit centers, cost, according to any organization and company. For example, products / customers / segment activities.
  • Support for multi-currency and indexing throughout all the planning stages, plus translation and benchmarking reporting currency of the company.
  • Full synchronization among the forecasted financial statements.
  • Flexible dimension for horizon budget planning for several years and in variable time resolutions (month, quarter).
  • Using the Robust Rolling Forecast System as an integral part of planning the budget.
  • Advanced mechanisms for using past trends to build automated planning templates.
  • Advanced mechanisms for profitability and pricing analysis (of past, budget, planning) defined by business dimensions as an integral part of the planning and control system. For example: products, customers, operations segments.
  • Support for multiple versions of planning and simulations.
  • Support for comparing versions of simulations in different segments, including before the actual implementation and among different planning versions.
  • Automatic combining of financing transactions as part of the budget and forecast, including loans, bonds, derivatives and more.
  • Built-in and flexible set of permissions by company, version, profit-center, screen update.
  • Support for exporting any query, report system to Excel.
  • Sophisticated “Saved Versions” mechanism, which results in a Dynamic Budget advantage.
  • Workflow module embedded in the budget & rolling forecast process.
  • The costing module is an integral part of the budget module.

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