Cash management
by banks for their
business clients

Innovative white label Game Changer solution enabling global & local banks to make a quantum leap in their service offerings by providing unique, value added Cash Management & Cash Flow Forecasting services to attract new, and retain existing clients

Main advantages over all competitive CM
solutions for global banks

ERP input from client system

ERP data from customer systems and from the bank’s systems

CFF planning with multiple metods & TMS

Multiple, flexible methods with automatic CFF version & Full TMS solution

Full financial forecasting

Flexible planning module for simulation of full financial forecasts (P&L, CFF, BS)

Cash Predict successfully goes where no other financial software has gone before.

Cash Predict

Cash Predict offers functionality, especially regarding CFF (Cash Flow
Forecasting).  It is unique and does not currently exist in cash management solutions
offered by the world’s leading banks.

The Seventh Dimension invented an innovative white label solution enabling
global & local banks to provide unique value-added cash management &
cash flow forecasting services to gain & retain customers, in preparation for
competition with the developing world of Fintech solutions.

Cash Predict

is a unique, one-of-a-kind, award winning software solution for cash
management, specializing in Cash Flow Forecasting. Enabling full and
comprehensive scenario-based cash flow forecasting with a reliable automated process.

A history of successful implementation in global companies across all major economic sectors

Cash Predict has recently been implemented by Israel’s two leading banks, Leumi (LUMI) & HaPoalim (POLI), who cover 60% of the market, as their innovative white label
corporate cash management offering.
As a result, they have created a comprehensive cash
management ecosystem for the bank’s corporate clients.

Cash Predict can be implemented by banks in 3 to 6 months, enabling the bank’s corporate clients to begin using the service in a week or less.