Rolling Forecast Sub-Modules

In addition to the fundamental features, the EFI system contains the following sub-modules for Rolling Forecast planning Sales planning, including discounts and commissions. Expense planning. Production, inventory and cost planning, including full support for product trees (BOM-Bill of Materials). Manpower  Investments and fixed assets  Built-in and flexible support for all existing and future financing transactions including loans, […]

IFRS 16-US GAAP MODULE Best & Bread Solution

A holistic solution for the management of contracts of various types. Regulatory solution for integration with financial matters under the control of the CFO such as Implications on the organization’s projected financial statements including profit and loss, cash flow, balance sheet and future financial ratios. Automatic interface to the budget system(External or EFI Budget module). Support for simulations and purchase and / or […]

Accounts & Data Aggregator Feature

Highlights Set inputs from all of the customer´s existing bank websites, including financial asset and financial liability balances of different financial positions and deals types. Support for immediate update on financial assets and financial liabilities, as reflected in the banks and brokers, in concentrated and detailed forms. Support for global organization with multiple companies abroad of a comprehensive worldwide CASHVIEW, as […]


EXPOSURES & CURRENCY HEDGING The system contains a sub-module for managing currency exposures and interest exposures, integrative with treasury activities with highlights in currency Hedging including Exposure policy settings by organization / company / currency / exposure type (balance sheet, budgetary, specific). Ready and controlled built-in interface for input of balance sheet exposure balances and budget exposure data […]

Rolling Forecast Feature

Highlights 3rd-party market data web extraction(currencies, interest-rates, stock prices, and many more), which enhances the forecast quality. Easily compare multiple scenarios and versions. Actual data-based rolling forecasted financials(P&L, balance-sheet and cash flow) on a company-by-company basis, for the intermediary holding subsidiaries level and up-to the consolidated corporate level. Full (future) financial ratio analyses, for every level of hierarchy […]

Rolling Forecast Module

Forecast module lets the high-level management BOARD / CEO / CFO  Respond immediately to any market transformation or changes in the economic environment. Realize how each financial parameter influences the entire P&L results, cash flow and balance sheet, today, tomorrow and throughout the next 5 years. Analyze and stress test each business unit, operational subsidiary, holding intermediaries, and […]

Rolling Forecast About

About Rolling Forecasts The Module Financial executives consider rolling forecasts to be a best practice. However, the deep financial knowledge required for its design, and the fact that most enterprise IT systems are not designed with a financial orientation, makes its implementation extremely complicated, especially for large global enterprises. The challenge lies in capturing financial data that is spread […]

Budget Sub-Modules

In addition to the fundamental features mentioned above, the EFI system contains the following sub-modules for budget planning Sales planning, including discounts and commissions Expense planning Production, inventory and cost planning, including full support for product trees (BOM-Bill of Materials) Manpower planning Investments and fixed assets planning Built-in and flexible support for all existing and future financing transactions including loans, bonds […]

Budget Feature

Highlights Complete full forecasted financial statements including profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow financial ratios. Support for multiple companies and performing consolidated statements for budget as well as for forecasts. Support for flexible and hierarchical organizational structures. Optional planning, control and management by dimensions, profit centers, cost, according to any organization and company. For example, products / customers […]

Budget Overview

The historical budgeting process is gradually giving way to ongoing rolling forecasts. Annual budgets suffer from many drawbacks – lack of timeliness, objectivity and accuracy are only some of the issues. However, for organizations wishing to move to real-time rolling forecasts, the move can be very challenging. EFI´s budget module allows enterprises to start with a budgeting process that […]