Treasury Feature

Feature Highlights Accounts & data aggregator for retrieval and management of information from websites (See- Accounts and Data Aggregator). Bank balance management with flexible treasurer tools such as multiple options of the “treasurer copybook”. Management of the cash equivalent, including daily and intermittent bank deposits. Cash flow forecast for all time horizons: daily / short term / long term. Cash […]

Treasury Overview

The EFI suite is proud to have the most advanced and comprehensive Treasury Module that contains not only the traditional treasury functionalities but also supports planning, discovery and forecasting capabilities.  The module integrates all of the enterprise data with strong treasury capabilities, such as:  Optimization of cash flow management from all sources and factors and decreasing total finance expenses or […]

The Method and Solutions of the EFI Comprehensive Suite

Real time rolling cash flow forecasting is mostly automatic built by an expert robot based on: Full Integration between CPM and TMS data. Past and Present Data from the Organization’s Systems – Financial Statements, Balance Sheets, Sales, Expenses, Backloged Orders, Financing Transactions, Derivatives. Past and Present Data from the Internet – Business Results of Competitors, Business Forecasts of […]

The Problem and Challenge

The budget and the rolling forecast who are in the Department of Economics, in cash flow forecasting aspects are too general and do not serve the treasurers the finance and management personnel of the organization. The cash flow forecasting in treasuries and finance is usually only for the next few days also if it’s for […]