EFI´s comprehensive Costing Module
contains support for multidimensional profitability analysis and provides the following:

Ability to define multiple dimensions of profitability analysis based on past results and future projections from the level of a single customer/product to the profit centers, costs and segmented activities

Support for all common costing and allocation methods including the ABC costing platform

Ability to apply all module functionalities on actual performance data, as well as all versions of the budget, planning, and rolling forecasts, for easy comparison of all results and all levels of analysis between each version

Use of Allocations Generator that provides an unlimited number of methods for allocations and allocation key tables for all dimensional profitability analyses

Support for manual key table allocations, imported key tables, and data from the customer´s source systems, such as sales ledger items, personnel data, and others

Integrity and suitability of the results of the profitability analysis, past and future, to financial statements past and future