IFRS 16-US GAAP MODULE Best & Bread Solution

  • holistic solution for the management of contracts of various types.

  • Regulatory solution for integration with financial matters under the control of the CFO such as
    • Implications on the organization’s projected financial statements including profit and loss, cash flow, balance sheet and future financial ratios.
    • Automatic interface to the budget system(External or EFI Budget module).
    • Support for simulations and purchase and / or leasing scenarios.

  • Contains five layers of System Controls that do not exist in other solutions.

  • No need to change anything in the current purchasing and AP systems of the customer’s ERP.

  • Automatic mode option handling changes in contracts based on the “brain” of the system and default parameters.

  • Management by layers for states, decision rules, calculations and accounting records – maximum flexibility for each organization and country (IFRS 16/US GAAP, US GAAP).

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