The Challenge

Often the budget and the rolling forecast functions are in the domain of the economists and do not interface with cash flow forecasting.

The cash flow forecasting responsibility usually sits with the Treasurer and the Finance Department, but are often not related to the budget and the rolling forecasts that are being produced by the economists.

As a result…

Cash Flow forecasts tend to be inaccurate, with huge gaps between the forecasts and the actual cash flow, which are very difficult to analyze even with all the tools available today, including CPM tools, BI tools and TMS systems currently in use

The Method and Solutions of the EFI Comprehensive Suite

Real time rolling cash flow forecasting is mostly automatic built by an expert robot based on

Full Integration between CPM and TMS data.


EFI creates one updated forecast fully integrated for profit and loss, predicted cash flow and forecast balance sheet for
short, medium and long-term projections in one system

7D's holistic approach to Cash Flow Forecasting

Real-time Cash Flow Rolling Forecasts

EFI offers the first comprehensive management tool to overcome planning, budgeting and forecasting bottlenecks and achieve real-time rolling forecasts derived from all relevant internal and external data sources.

The system bridges the gap between corporate performance management (CPM) systems and treasury management systems (TMS), which often run independently, thus creating potential financial blind spots.

EFI’s technology is based on a robust data extraction system coupled with
autonomous decision-making modules and patterns.