About Rolling Forecasts


The Module

Financial executives consider rolling forecasts to be a best practice. However, the deep financial knowledge required for its design, and the fact that most enterprise IT systems are not designed with a financial orientation, makes its implementation extremely complicated, especially for large global enterprises. The challenge lies in capturing financial data that is spread across different enterprise IT systems and other sources (internal & external) , and bringing all of this together to generate the relevant information and intelligent insights that high level management and CFOs crucially need. The EFI system was designed by financial experts, for financial experts.

The Rolling Forecast module allows the high-level management team & CFO and the CFO’s team to enter inputs and assumptions that pertain to their plans, and provides them with real-time rolling forecasts.
 EFI’s Rolling Forecast module is not designed to replace the existing systems such as the G/L, ERP, Treasury or CRM systems but rather complements them by intelligently extracting the relevant data from these systems. Therefore, it allows the global high-level management team & CFO to leverage the existing heavy investments in IT and Enterprise systems to simulate their future.

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