Rolling Forecast Feature



  • 3rd-party market data web extraction(currencies, interest-rates, stock prices, and many more), which enhances the forecast quality.

  • Easily compare multiple scenarios and versions.

  • Actual data-based rolling forecasted financials(P&L, balance-sheet and cash flow) on a company-by-company basis, for the intermediary holding subsidiaries level and up-to the consolidated corporate level.

  • Full (future) financial ratio analyses, for every level of hierarchy structure.

  • Unlimited concurrently updated forecasting levels (conservative, extended optimistic, pessimistic, stress test etc.) plus unlimited personal forecasting.

  • Strong business scenario simulations and sensitivity analysis capabilities.

  • Ability to use past trends to build automated design templates.

  • Version comparison of the budget, rolling forecast and actual data at any level, be it secondary levels (financial statements) to individual levels of planning (deviations quantity and price of a single product) or any parameter.

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