Rolling Forecast Module


Forecast module lets the high-level management BOARD / CEO / CFO 

  • Respond immediately to any market transformation or changes in the economic environment.

  • Realize how each financial parameter influences the entire P&L results, cash flow and balance sheet, today, tomorrow and throughout the next 5 years.

  • Analyze and stress test each business unit, operational subsidiary, holding intermediaries, and the related holding company.

  • Be alertto Valuation (LTV) aspects, potential future cash-flow difficulties, meeting financial ratios, and credit line availability.

  • Make sure KPIs and trends are maintained.

  • Minimize corporate financial exposureand optimize risk management.

  • Manage investor expectationsmore accurately.

  • Access data from anywhere, anytime, through the Cloud Having these capabilities directly impacts the bottom line earnings and maximizes the enterprise´s value.

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