The Method and Solutions of the EFI Comprehensive Suite

Real time rolling cash flow forecasting is mostly automatic built by an expert robot based on:

  • Full Integration between CPM and TMS data.
  • Past and Present Data from the Organization’s Systems – Financial Statements, Balance Sheets, Sales, Expenses, Backloged Orders, Financing Transactions, Derivatives.
  • Past and Present Data from the Internet – Business Results of Competitors, Business Forecasts of Competitors, Currency Exchange Rates, Commodity and Services Prices, Interest Rates, Derivative Rates.
  • Business Executive Guidelines based on Forecasts of Variables and Parameters Relevant to Each Business Type – in management Language (and not in Complex and Unstructured Software Parameters).
  • Integrated statistical / deterministic model with over 350 pre-prepared financial / accounting objects to automatically develop the forecast based on this data.
  • Alerts and recommendations of the robot, both about the past, present and future forecasts.
  • Continuous up-to-date information on enterprise systems’ web sites around the world.
  • Real-time update of the rolling forecast.
  • The inclusion of all existing financing deals at any time as well as thoseplanned for the future.
Creates one updated forecast fully integrated for profit and loss, predicted cash flow and forecasted balance sheet for short\medium-term and long-term in one system

Support in all complex global events who are not otherwise supported today on existing systems including

  • Inter-company transactions with transfer prices between the various business units.
  • Forecasts of future mergers and acquisitions.
  • Complex projections of new projects and new product lines.
  • Complex financing deals such as debt securitization.
  • Competitor actions.
  • Currency and interest rate changes.
  • Results of future financing transactions that do not exist today.
  • Changes (such as: early repayment, debt repayment) of existing financing transactions.
  • Advanced model for forecasting intercompany finance including Netting Among Group Members.
  • Exchange rate differences on the balance sheet expected in various currencies across all companies resulting from forecast balance sheet & future currency rates.
Advanced sensitivity tests to measure the effect of any predicted change on forecasted profit, cash flow forecasting and forecasted balance sheet

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