The Problem and Challenge


The budget and the rolling forecast who are in the Department of Economics, in cash flow forecasting aspects are too general and do not serve the treasurers \ the finance and management personnel of the organization.

The cash flow forecasting in treasuries and finance is usually only for the next few days also if it’s for a longer term, it is not related to the budget and rolling forecasts that are being made in the economic department.

The cash flow forecasting does not automatically update in real time based on changes that occur in the organization’s own data and\or the market variables and\or competitor’s actions.

As a result

The forecasts are inaccurate, and there are gaps in most of the significant amounts, between the forecasts and the actual execution which are difficult to analyze in all the tools available today, including CPM tools, BI tools and TMS systems currently in the organization

  • Work plan (Budget).

  • The “rolling outlook” is updated periodically.

  • Cash flow forecast that’s edited by the organization’s finance personnel.

  • Actual performance data of cash flow derived from company and organization books.

  • Actual performance data of cash flow movement derived from calculations rise / decrease in cash value balances in the organization of cash balances in banks.

  • Impact of rate differences in countries / companies on financial results – past, forecast.

  • The effect of financing transactions and derivatives in countries / companies in the different currencies.

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