Treasury Feature


Feature Highlights

  • Accounts & data aggregator for retrieval and management of information from websites (See- Accounts and Data Aggregator).
  • Bank balance management with flexible treasurer tools such as multiple options of the “treasurer copybook”.
  • Management of the cash equivalent, including daily and intermittent bank deposits.
  • Cash flow forecast for all time horizons: daily / short term / long term.
  • Cash Flow planning and planning control, using unique advanced methods that do not currently exist in the market.
  • Full support for all daily operations and guidelines of the treasurer, including:
    • Transfers between accounts / third party, currency conversions.
    • Financing transactions and derivative transactions.
    • Comprehensive debt management module, including loans from banks /loans to and from third parties / bonds with unlimited flexibility of loan types, amortization table, non-business days by country / currency and much more.
  • Support derivatives(including – forward contracts, options on foreign currency, interest rates, derivatives, etc.) as an integral part of the entire treasury picture.
  • Risk management, Currency and interest exposures and hedging.
  • Automatic control of bank interest & fees, such as commission agreements, interest (current accounts, loans, deposits). Automatic alarms and recommendations for the users combine with user friendliness of the daily work.
  • Investment & Portfolio Management Module with calculation yields as an integral part of the modern (or separate) treasury module.
  • Automatic alert and recommendations mechanism, including simple and advanced financial stipulations.
  • Integrated Executive Visualization Dashboard with an active management control panel on various topics.
  • Powerful mechanism ERP interfaces and parameters, which contains more than 15 different types of interfaces: receipts / payments, credit cards, ACH collections, ACH payments, etc.
  • Generic interface for receiving input files from different systems in different formats. 

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